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Terrapin Weed Strains

Terrapin is proud to offer an exciting weed strains selection to our customers. 

Weed Strains Black Magic Monkey Paw

Black Magic Monkey Paw

Type: Hybrid
Genetics: Grapefruit Durban x Dark Blue Dream

An ode the Michigan legend, Black Magic Monkey paw is a strain with a story. Monkey Paw is an iconic local Michigan grown strain by and for the true believers who carved the path for potent, locally grown flower. Our Black Magic Monkey paw isn’t for the faint of heart: this sharp sativa packs an immediate punch loaded with citrusy fresh grapefruit rounded out by herbal and fruity notes. Black Magic Monkey Paw boasts a lively terpene profile with super fast acting effects. Invigorating and energizing, it is also known to show those nasty migraine headaches the door.

Blue Dream #1

TypeSativa Hybrid
GeneticsBlueberry X Haze

A euphoric classic crossed with Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream #1 is known for its sweet berry scent paired with warm earthy tones, perfect to balance your mood. Blue Dream #1 is a common daytime choice as it aids in a number of functions such as pain, stomach discomfort and mental relaxation.

Bubble Gum

TypeSativa Hybrid
Genetics: Double Gum x Big Band

Revel in sweet, fruity nostalgia with a classic, award winning strain. Bubblegum takes on a moderate to strong body effect while keeping you alert and ready to take on the day. As an indica leaning strain, Bubblegum can help crush anxiety and unleash your creativity! Confuse your sweet tooth with this distinctive candy scented strain.

Cherry Diesel

TypeIndica Hybrid
GeneticsCherry OG x Turbo Diesel

Cherry Diesel is a solid middle-of-the-road hybrid bred by crossing Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel to mix strong traits from both sides of the sativa-indica divide. With plenty of OG Kush heritage on both sides of the lineage, don’t expect the Diesel name to mean this will get you up and at ’em! With a strong aroma of cherry cola and skunk, Cherry Diesel has a distinct aroma – very few strains have such a memorable smell. A consistent customer and staff favorite, Cherry Diesel provides a strong combination of body buzz and head high that many find ideal for relaxation and recreation.

Citradelic Sunset

TypeSativa Hybrid
GeneticsGhost Train Haze X Mandarin Sunset

With a mouthwatering and juicy sweet and tart flavor, Citradelic Sunset is a fruit-lover’s dream come true. An aroma of sour candy and citrus characterize this strain, known for its energetic and inspiration-evoking high. Unscrew the top, take a deep breath and activate your best self.


Devil’s Lettuce

Type: Hybrid
GeneticsGrapefruit Durban X Hell’s OG

Grapefruit Durban x Hell’s OG Introducing one of our newest Top Shelf strains, Devil’s Lettuce. This is one vegetable you want to be growing in your garden! A cross between Grapefruit Durban and Hells OG, this even hybrid is testing high at 25%-30%. With its sweet cheese smell, you’ll be telling your friends how gouda is it!

Durban Posion

Type: Sativa
GeneticsLandrace Sativa

Durban Poison is a fun smoke that gets ‘high’ marks in every category! As our most sativa-dominant strain, it’s often described by customers as being as energizing as a shot of espresso while lacking the jittery side effects of caffeine. The strongly pine-scented nugs provide a potent mental buzz and extremely cerebral high that will get you sky-high and leave you soaring. A landrace (wild-growing strain) claimed to have originated in Durban, South Africa, this plant has achieved a legendary reputation for its activating effects and may even be related to the strains used to make the “battle snuff” of the fabled Zulu warriors!

Grandpa’s Stash

Type: Hybrid
Genetics1994 SUPER SKUNK x 1992 OG KUSH x 1970s AFGHAN KUSH

Recognize that smell? A true champion of the old school legends, Grandpa’s Stash combines the never forgotten 1992 Super Skunk, 1992 OG and 1970s Afghan Kush. This memorably skunky smelling strain is perfect for morning/early afternoon use to keep you feeling alert despite a higher THC content. Perfect to uplift you on a sunny day spent in the yard.

Grapefruit Durban

Type: Sativa Hybrid
GeneticsGrapefruit x Durban Poison

Grapefruit Durban is everything you need in a sativa-dominant strain! A soaring, roller-coaster, Durban high is coupled with a distinct flavor of pink grapefruit – the result of a cross between the pure landrace sativa Durban Poison and the legendary and mysterious Grapefruit. Jack Herer, Haze, and Durban lineages all cross together in this excellent-tasting strain to give it a legendary pedigree second to none.

Hash Haze

Type: Indica Hybrid
GeneticsCannalope Haze x Hash Plant

Relaxing, droopy-eyed, and couch locking, Hash Haze is a quintessential heavy indica. The fluffy, citrus scented nugs are covered in trichromes and dark green with orange flecks of color. The effects are like an electric blanket – warm, cuddly, and perfect for a cozy night after a long day!


Heaven’s Devil

Type: Indica Hybrid
GeneticsWhite Slipper x Cherry Diesel

Heavenly sweetness and devilish strength mix and mingle in this Terrapin original strain! We crossed our Cherry Diesel and our much beloved White Slipper to create a sinfully sweet Indica-dominant strain that’s still strong enough to send you skyward! With notes of pine, citrus, and a sweet floral undertone, Heaven’s Devil features a unique and memorable smell profile with solid, trichome-frosted buds.

Hell’s OG

Type: Indica Hybrid
GeneticsOG Kush x Blackberry

A must-try for every indica lover, Hell’s OG floats like a butterfly and flattens like a freight train. This infamous strain provides a heavy body high that results in instantaneous pain relief for medical patients, and the astronomical THC content will take seasoned recreational users for a wild ride. Be warned, this potent cross of OG Kush and Blackberry will stimulate your appetite past the point of no return, so expect to raid the refrigerator!

High Octane

Type: Indica Hybrid
GeneticsHeirloom OG x Nigel’s OG

High Octane’s fast-acting and long lasting effects inspire motility, creativity and sociability while relieving physical discomfort. This gassy-smelling hybrid is characterized by its unexpected tart lemon and pine flavors. It’s sticky orange-haired flowers release a sharp and invigorating scent when ground, and often leave it’s users feeling relaxed, motivated and creative.

Hush Puppy Haze

Type: Sativa Hybrid
GeneticsOG Kush X Super Lemon Haze

Hush Puppy Haze is the fruity, pungeant and potent sativa you’ve been looking for! A sweet pepper and lemon aroma characterizes this cross between OG Kush and Super Lemon Haze, known for inspiring sociability and making its users feel more care-free. A perfect pre-workout or catalyst for creativity, you can watch your worries melt away and stay out of sight for hours with this strain.

Lemon G

Type: CBD Hybrid
GeneticsG13 x Northern Lights

Our Lemon G is a horse of a different color! With many phenotypes of this strain, no CBD is present at all – in ours, quite the opposite is true! Boasting a roughly 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, this is one of our most popular CBD-rich strains. With a delicate lemon flavor and uplifting yet paradoxically relaxing effects, our Lemon G delivers a high unlike anything else that will leave you craving one more bowl. Perfect for loosening some tension before getting things done, this doesn’t have the propensity that some CBD-rich strains do to glue you to the couch.


Lemon Sweet Skunk

Type: Sativa Hybrid
GeneticsOG Kush X Super Lemon Haze

Lemon Sweet Skunk is a lively sativa that’s sure to put a happy spring in your step! Crossed from Lemon and Island Sweet Skunk (a.k.a ISS), this strain delivers an energetic buzz that’s accented by a tingly, pain-relieving body high. The frosty nugs give off a crisp, refreshing scent that’s reminiscent of lemon-lime soda, and the flavorful smoke is sweet like caramelized sugar. This euphoric sativa guarantees energy and giggles all around! Comfortable and enjoyable, this strain is less likely than most other sativas to produce paranoia or edginess and is perfect for creating a relaxed and happy atmosphere for a good conversation or a fun outdoor activity.

Mob Boss

Type: Sativa Hybrid
GeneticsChemDawg D x Tang Tang

Say hello to our little bud! This cross of ChemDawg and Tang Tang has an earthy flavor with citrus notes. The effect is definitively Sativa, with a significant hybrid undertones. With Mob Boss, expect a soaring and optimistic high that is an offer you can’t refuse! This strain won’t necessarily turn you into Tony Montana, but it MAY convince you that someone should be making a movie about your adventures!

Princess Leia

Type: Sativa Hybrid
GeneticsCindy 99 x Venkman Tang

Fruity and cheesey, the perfumey aroma of this space-case strain is more than enticing. A hybrid cross of Cinderella 99 and Lemon Alien Dawg, Princess Leia delivers a strong best-of-both-worlds high. You’ll find yourself weightlessly floating without feeling knocked out. This strain hits hard, though – so don’t operate spacecraft (or space stations) after inhaling!

Sabotage OG

Type: Hybrid
GeneticsGorilla Glue x White Slipper

Sabotage OG is a Terrapin Original that is a cross of Gorilla Glue & White Slipper! This is a very potent Indica dominant hybrid that is blasted with sparkling trichomes. It has that distinctive Gorilla Glue taste blended with the fruitiness of the White Slipper. This strain will leave you feeling sabotaged but will still get your mind racing!

Sour Alien OG

Type: Indica Hybrid
GeneticsSour Diesel x Alien Kush

What happens when you cross the sleep-inducing indica Alien OG (a cross of Alien Tech and OG Kush) with the legendary sativa Sour Diesel? A: Pure supernova fire! Customer favorite Sour Alien OG is a hybrid (slightly indica dominant) strain with significant heritage from both of its parents. Some users report soaring highs with an undertone of body buzz, and others a powerful stone with a cerebral edge. Whatever the effects, we’re very proud of this high THC, dank-smelling flower! The strong aroma falls somewhere in the middle ground between apples, pine, and skunk – with a distinct diesel finish. You’ll never end up lost in space with the Sour Alien OG to guide you home!


Sour Joker

Type: Sativa Hybrid
GeneticsEast Coast Sour Diesel X Amnesia Haze

Sour Joker is a gassy and stimulating Amnesia Haze and East Coast Sour Diesel cross sure to keep you clear-headed and moving! This high energy strain encourages physical activity at higher doses, and increased focus at lower doses. The effects of this creativity-enhancing sativa cross is often likened to a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. A vigorous body buzz accompanies Sour Joker’s heavy head high, making this strain perfect for releasing tension post workout!

Space Cream

Type: Indica Hybrid
GeneticsMother’s Milk x Skywalker

Space Cream is a high THC indica-dominant strain characterized by a spicy-sweet orange flavor, and a shockingly mind-melting high. This cross between Mother’s Milk and Skywalker is perfect for those looking for complete mental relaxation, as the heavy psychoactive effects are typically sleepy, giggly, and euphoric. Though Space Cream is a talkative strain, it can make focusing difficult and is preferred by some for sleep as it can be nearly non-functional. Users can expect to feel uplifted, spacy and forgetful.

Strawberry OG

Type: Indica Hybrid
GeneticsOG Kush X Island Strawberry Afghan

More than just it’s high THC notoriety, Strawberry OG has a kushy meets berry flavor and is the perfect strain for sweet dreams. Crossed with the classic OG Kush and ever flavorful Island Strawberry Afghan, Strawberry OG will leave you happily dazed and full-body entranced in it’s sweet indica haze.

Tahoe OG

Type: Indica Hybrid
GeneticsOG Kush x SFVOG Kush

No plans for the day? Need some extra help getting to sleep? Tahoe OG is a treasure chest of calming benefits sure to keep you on the couch. Bred from OG Kush and SFV OG, this indica dominant strain is commonly used to combat insomnia, nausea and pain while maintaining a euphoric “boost” associated with sativa strains.

Terpwin Station

Type: Hybrid
GeneticsGorilla Glue #4 x Mandarin Sunset

Slip into a trance as Terpwin Station whisks you off to a paradise locked deep within you. Elevate your mind and give your body a rest, this strain is ideal for provoking thought and concentration. Look inside yourself to find the answers, and let Terpwin Station be your guide. An earthy, caramelized sugar aroma characterizes this heavy Hybrid. Every exhale tastes like fresh herbs and gas with a hint of citrus. Terpwin Station takes relaxation to the next level with a zoney, body heavy smokescreen of pure calm.

White Poison

Type: Sativa Hybrid
GeneticsDurban Poison X The White

Durban Poison crossed with The White to result in one of our tastiest and most euphoric strains: White Poison. With a pine and skunk scent and flavor reminiscent of both parents and the soaring THC levels of The White lineage, White Poison is one of our most positive-feeling strains and brings good vibes with it everywhere it goes! Straddling the line between indica and sativa (and leaning a little on the sativa side), this hybrid is a pleasant and potent smoke that comes highly recommended by our staff. Take puff and feel the elevation – White Poison is strong enough to write home about and is suggested for the experienced smoker!

Wifes Lemonade

Type: CBD
GeneticsThe Wife X Lemon G

Wife’s Lemonade is a talkative and discomfort-busting 20:1 CBD/THC strain that tastes and smells like fresh squeezed lemonade. The Wife delivers traditional CBD-rich elements including the flavor of fresh cherries and soothing physical effects without psychoactivity, while Lemon G eases the mind and improves mood without mental cloudiness. Enjoy this strain to relieve a variety of ailments such as stomach discomfort, joint strain, and body tension.