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Looking for Terrapin flower, Double Bear concentrates and vapes or Resolute Remedies in your neck of the woods? Check out our preferred PA dispensaries for available products and strains across Pennsylvania or scroll down to see a map of over 170 partner dispos covering nearly the entire state.


Whether you’re seeking relief from pain or taking a moment to unwind after a long day, Terrapin’s carefully curated selection has something for everyone. Our commitment to quality means constantly expanding and refining our inventory, bringing new and exciting strains and products to local shelves.


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This Month’s Top Partners


Carefully selected, these dispensaries were chosen for their commitment to excellence, community engagement, and exceptional customer service.


These are a few of the businesses that share our commitment to providing patients with the finest cannabis experience and stand for integrity and professionalism within the industry.

At Terrapin, we understand the importance of partnering with dispensaries that share our values and vision. That’s why we vet our Preferred Partners to ensure they uphold the highest standards of excellence. From their commitment to sourcing the highest-quality products to their active involvement in local communities, these dispensaries go above and beyond to deliver an unparalleled experience.

By choosing to shop at a Terrapin Preferred Partner, patients can trust that they’re accessing top-tier products in a welcoming and supportive environment. Seeking expert guidance on product selection? Looking for a warm smile and a friendly face? Preferred Partners are dedicated to meeting your needs with professionalism and care.

A large selection of Terrapin flower and Double Bear Concentrates with 8 convenient locations across the state. FInd one near you!

One of our top partners with a ton of your favorite Terrapin strains. We love their friendly and welcoming staff. Stop in and check them out!

A Pennsylvania favorite with 17 locations throughout the Keystone State. Stop in and browse a large selection of Terrapin and Double Bear products today!

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Over 170 places to find Terrapin and Double Bear in Pennsylvania!

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Find Terrapin weed products at Pennsylvania medical dispensaries near you, offering convenience without compromising on excellence. From flower to concentrates, our meticulously crafted products ensure that you can access the therapeutic benefits of cannabis with ease and confidence across Pennsylvania.