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The “Anti-Black Friday” isn’t just about quelling toxic shopping practices. We love Green Friday because it inspires people to find new ways to spend time that they would have been bargain-hunting. 

The holiday is about bringing awareness to sustainable ways of life and taking the day to connect with nature. We think the best place to speed your day off is in one of Colorado’s beautiful parks. Our team loves to get outdoors, so we asked them where you should hike (instead of shopping) on Green Friday. Here are their thoughts: 

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Plan your Green Friday trip in Colorado


Park 1: Walker Ranch, Ethel Harrold, and Canyon Falls


 Get out of your head and in front of a waterfall. Located just about 30 minutes southwest of Boulder, this trail is a magical journey. Three and a half miles is an easy-going hike with approximately 600 ft of elevation. If you want to cut some distance out, you can choose just one or two of the trailheads, but you’ll miss out on some incredible views with plenty of rocky overlooks! We recommend making the entire trip. Dogs are welcome on leashes, and we anticipate that it will be less crowded than some better-known spots in the area! So this bit is best for hikers trying to get away from the hustle and bustle. 

Directions to Walker Ranch, Ethel Harrold, and Canyon Falls

Nearby dispensary: Folsom


Park 2: Deadman Gulch Overlook 


Get solitude and sore glutes! If you don’t mind an intense climb for scenic sunsets, Deadman is a lightly trafficked trail that is worth every bit of the effort. Follow the river, and you’ll find plenty of spots to rest and take in the natural landscape. Getting to the top might be a challenge, but the panorama views make the adventure complete! East-facing overlooks are ideal for painted-sky sunsets. This one can be a bit difficult to find. The trailhead is located right off highway 7, exactly where the navigation takes you. 

Directions to Deadman Gulch Overlook

Nearby dispensary: Longmont


Park 3: Washington Park


So you’re happy to cut shopping from your day but even more delighted to cut the commute? We’ve got the best place to get outside and stretch your legs without making the trek into the mountains. Washington State Park is a popular attraction in Denver that features a lake and a 2.5-mile paved loop trail. You’re sure to see runners, bikers, skateboards, and a whole herd of dogs. The great thing about this park is that it’s just a few blocks down from our Broadway st dispensary. We know you’re all about knocking out two birds with one stone (or maybe getting stoned and watching birds). Either way, Washington Park is a lovely oasis from city life in Denver.  

Directions to Washington State Park

Nearby dispensary: Broadway


Park Four: Bluff Lake Nature Center


For those searching for a quick and calming stroll between meals with the family, this 1.5-mile loop has minimal elevation and a well-defined path. It’s one of the few local trails that aren’t just open fields, and neighbors have really made this place their own. Keep an eye out for wildlife and “easter eggs” left by pedestrians. Dogs are welcome on leashes, but Bluff Lake is rarely crowded with them. 

Directions to Bluff Lake Nature Center

Nearby Dispensary: Thirty Third

Thank you for supporting the combined efforts of the cannabis industry and green movements by abstaining from shopping on Black Friday weekend. We hope to see you soon!