You can find weed strains for energy. While times are changing, smoking cannabis can still denote an image of someone lazing about. Despite this negative connotation, some strains will not only have you feeling motivated but will give you the burst of energy you need to tackle the day’s problems.

Hundreds of different cannabis strains are categorized as indica, sativa or hybrid. While the effects of each strain will vary, all have similar properties that can energize or relax the body. In this post, we hope to shine a light on which type of strains will give you the most pep in your step.

What is the Best Weed strains for Energy: Sativa or Indica?

If you want to feel energetic, look out for sativa strains. Sativa strains are known for their cerebral high that lifts the mood and increases creativity. Sativas are a good choice if you want to be active or do something creative. If you want something to help you relax before bedtime, indica strains may be better suited for your needs.

Sativa strains are often characterized by their fruity, citrusy taste. While this isn’t always the case, it’s a common trait of cannabis plants to have names that reflect their flavor profile, such as Grapefruit Durban. Expect ocimene, limonene and terpinolene as common terpenes in sativa strains, giving them a more tangy and sweet taste.

Hybrid strains blend both indica and sativa elements into one, creating a unique effect depending on which parent plant was dominant in the crossbreeding process. Sativa strains typically are higher in THC and lower in CBD, while indica strains have more CBD than their sativa counterparts. Hybrids can have more indica or sativa effects depending on the dominant strain.

Thanks to innovative growing techniques, there’s something to suit any mood you’re feeling, but some strains are likely to be more popular than others. It’s not just about what feels right, but what tastes best too! So if you’re looking for flower that’s going to get you through the day, you might want to consider a sativa.

Having trouble deciding? Check below for some of our favorite recommendations.

Terrapin’s Best Weed Strains for Energy:

Durban Poison is a legendary sativa known for its energizing and uplifting effects reminiscent of a shot of expresso.

White Poison will reportedly leave you feeling positive and uplifted. This sativa-dominant hybrid is best for when you need to get stuff done and is known to give bursts of creativity.

Cherry Punch #9 is another sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a punch with its energetic high that is perfect for daytime use.

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