True lovers want to find the best indica strains. For the longest time, most cannabis consumers’ first thought probably wasn’t about the many different types of cannabis around and how strong they are.

But with new growing techniques and technological advances popping up every day, the selection of flowers and knowledge from budtenders available to customers has allowed for a more informed selection of products that best suits the occasion. If you’re looking to be productive or work out, a sativa is your best choice. If you need a little help winding down after a stressful day, then you need an indica.

Top indica strains are known for having a higher CBD amount than their sativa counterparts, which helps them produce the calming relaxation effect that users report. Continue reading to learn more about how we define a strain’s “strength” and some of the strongest indica strains.

What Smells So Good?

Assuming that the THC content in a strain determines its “strength” makes sense, especially with cannabis like Godfather OG, which can have up to 34% THC, but that is not always the case. Research has shown that the experience a strain can deliver comes from not only the amount of THC or CBD but is mainly influenced by the terpene profile.

Have you ever had someone ask you to sniff some bud to determine the quality of the product? They were getting you to smell the terpenes of the cannabis that gives each strain its distinctive aroma, and they each deliver a different feeling. A common terpene in indica flower is myrcene, which gives an earthy aroma and provides that glued-to-the-couch feeling perfect for winding down.

Now that you know a little bit more about what determines a strain’s strength, the options and possibilities can feel a little overwhelming. If you’re wondering how to have the most potent cannabis experience, we would love to give you some of our favorite indica strain recommendations below.

Terrapin’s Best Indica Strains (We Can’t Live Without Them)

Dirt E Diesel is an indica-dominant cross of Cherry Diesel and Dark Helmet, named after its growth. Users report this strain being perfect for pain relief and relaxation after their day is over.

Gin Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of GG#4 and Gin Cake. The sharp pine, citrus and gassy aroma of the pungent light green buds make this a popular choice whenever relief is needed.

Heaven’s Devil is named for its devilishly sweet taste and smell resulting from breeding White Slipper with Cherry Diesel. This strain is best used when you are settling in for the night.

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