What do you think when you hear the phrase “drug reform”? Here at Terrapin we know that drug reform, like so many aspects of cannabis legalization and operation, can be traced back, and linked, to America’s failed war on drugs. Terrapin works to educate our employees and communities on the harm caused by a lack of drug reform, and we have always fought hard to right these wrongs.

As an industry leader, we understand that the cannabis industry is built on the backs of people saddled with criminal convictions for possessing or selling cannabis. The foundation of this industry is built upon the battleground of a drug war that did, and continues to do, immeasurable harm to many communities throughout the nation – and drug reform is one way to address the damage that remains.

Many people still fight to clear criminal records standing in the way of basic necessities: employment, a rental apartment, or a loan. Terrapin knows that one of our duties as a responsible community member is to work hard to understand that our professions are inextricably linked to a system in America, a system that was built to deliberately subjugate already marginalized communities. With this in mind, one focus of Terrapin’s extensive corporate social responsibility program is working to right the wrongs of a failed Drug War through justice initiatives and partnering with community organizations who are working towards the same just society that Terrapin envisions.

What does drug reform mean to you? Are you ready to join the conversation?

Our community partner Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement, or HOPE for Longmont, is hosting a FREE virtual panel discussion on the systemic challenges of drug reform on Friday, February 5th at 12pm MST.
Find registration information here!

Local experts, including Terrapin’s own Communications Director Peter Marcus, will gather on February 5th at noon for a panel discussion about a very difficult yet important topic: The Systemic Challenges of Drug Reform.

Drug and Reform are tricky words that evoke all sorts of opinions and emotions. This panel will help you navigate the issue of drug reform, and gain new perspectives on how various stakeholders work to promote drug reform in our community and beyond. Through viewing this sensitive issue through a variety of lenses, we hope to educate community members on the topic of drug reform. We will also dig into action items that can help us all work together in order to educate our neighbors, and advance drug reform in your community.

We aspire to have a conversation that penetrates beyond the appearances and gets to the heart of the challenges that exist on the level of our systems from the perspective of each community leader joining the panel. In addition to Peter Marcus, the panel will include: Deborah Snyder, peer recovery coach at Mental Health Partners and Stephen Bross, life coach, activist and cofounder of Folsom Funny Farm, a spiritual community in Boulder. The panel will be moderated by Kimberly Braun, development director at Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement, or HOPE for Longmont.


Join us for this virtual discussion on Friday, we hope to “see” you there!