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For the last 10 years – our passion, mission and the strong leadership of founder Chris Woods has allowed us to expand consciously. Our aptly named “Care Station” has provided about $600,000 to local nonprofits, and our mission of “planting local roots” runs deep. 


Read more about our passions of justice initiatives, human needs, political advocacy, arts and culture,

and veteran services here!


To us, planting local roots means we are not only regionally focused, but future oriented. We work with communities to achieve their vision, innovate alongside leaders to challenge out-of-date mentalities, and educate partners for mutual benefit. We aim to create a positive impact, model authentic relationships and support local — both within communities and within our industry. 


A May study on small businesses by the National Bureau of Economic Research reports 41.4% of businesses temporarily closed because of COVID-19. Almost 2% were closed permanently. Overall employment has declined significantly, leaving only 60% of the January 2019 headcount still employed. With a huge percentage of the population out of work, there’s no denying the importance of keeping American companies open, and jobs local. 


Terrapin Cares about what matters to, and motivates you! During what is a difficult time for the manufacturing sector due to COVID-19, Americans are increasingly taking interest in where products are sourced, manufactured, and packaged. We heard you, and jumped into action to research and prioritize localized sourcing. 


pennsylvania american cannabis packaging


This July, Terrapin Care Station is thrilled to announce a shift to

100% American-Made Packaging! 


We have officially begun working with family-owned Drug Plastics out of Pennsylvania and SunGrown to ensure that all packaging materials are sourced from America. “We share Terrapin’s commitment to American manufacturing and we’re proud to provide local jobs, support families, and help build stronger communities.” said Rick Biesecker, chief executive of Drug Plastics. This cohesive partnership excites us, and allows us to keep making a difference for a much larger community – our country.


michigan american cannabis packaging


“It’s part of our mission,” explained Chris Woods, the owner and chief executive of Terrapin. “We’re a family-owned American business that wants to support other family-owned American businesses. Ensuring that our packaging is sourced solely from the USA allows us to fulfill our commitment to lift this country, especially as we grapple with a difficult time in our nation’s history.”

Starting in July, Terrapin products in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Michigan will feature a Made in the USA sticker. In the words of Woods, “When you purchase Terrapin products, you are supporting American labor. We’re proud of our pledge to this nation.”