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15.7 million people have imprisoned for arrested offenses in the last decade.


The goal of California based nonprofit, Last Prisoner Project is not only to negotiate the release of over 40,000 current prisoners, but to put an end to jailing people for cannabis – permanently. 


The motive behind legal cannabis involvement is simple: The thriving industry has created nearly 250,000 jobs all over the country.  At the same time, over 40,000 people are currently in jail for cannabis possession. If that wasn’t bad enough, the racial disparity in cannabis-related arrests is absolutely staggering. 


A 2020 analysis by the American Civil Liberties Union, concluded, “Black people are 3.64 times more likely than white people to be arrested for marijuana possession, notwithstanding comparable usage rates.” Authors reported, “In every single state, Black people were more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession, and in some states, Black people were up to six, eight, or almost ten times more likely to be arrested.”


It is simply not fair for one plant to provide a livelihood for some, while resulting in the loss of freedom for others. This growing group of cannabis industry leaders, artists and advocates has developed a three-part plan to achieve this – clemency, re-entry, and advocacy.




Clemency: Negotiate the release of prisoners charged with cannabis, and clear their records

Last Prisoner Project is organizing a national pro bono effort to assist incarcerated individuals with legal representation. Their goal is to pardon prisoners serving time for “victimless cannabis-related offenses”, and assist those still dealing with repercussions after imprisonment.

“Through our Cannabis Clemency Program we recruit attorneys in jurisdictions where there is executive interest, and provide those attorneys with the infrastructure and training to provide legal assistance to every eligible individual incarcerated on cannabis-related offenses. Through this broad program LPP is working to create systemic reform that redressed the devastating consequences of prohibition and the War on Drugs.”


Re-Entry: Provide job training to released prisoners, and assist in secure placement

To reduce recidivism, Last Prisoner Project has a re-entry program created to give formerly incarcerated individuals access to legal cannabis industry training. They also assist in non-cannabis job placement with their vocational training and mentorship program, and provide scholarships for various career-boosting training courses. This program also provides job seekers with employment contacts to ease the transition.


Advocacy: Inspire, encourage, and fight for change

Last Prisoner Project is actively fighting for abolition of unjust sentences with a team dedicated to conducting research and analysis on legislative and regulatory policies. Volunteers are regularly petitioning, letter writing, and attending rallies and marches. 


How You Can Help


Terrapin Care Station is a proud partner of Last Prisoner Project, and we encourage you to offer your support as well! Together, we can help promote a brighter future for those imprisoned for cannabis possession.


To Donate text FREEDOM to 24365 to Donate to the Last Prisoner Project, or follow this link!


To Volunteer sign up here!