Curbside and Express Pickup provide a quick and easy alternative to shopping in-store! With our entire selection at your fingertips and flexible pickup time, you’ll love using our online ordering option. Follow these instructions to become a pickup-pro in no time!

1. Start by heading over to the Terrapin Care Station homepage

2. Choose the menu of the location nearest to you

3. Select the items you wish to purchase. 

4. Choose the quantity, then select “Continue Shopping”

5. Once you’re finished shopping, select “View Cart & Check Out”

6. If you have a loyalty account with us, don’t forget to login for discounts and promotions

7. If you have any promo codes, don’t forget to enter them here!

8. If you don’t have an account with us, you will need to create one after selecting “Proceed to Checkout” – You can save time by registering with your Gmail account.

9. You now have the option to select an express pickup time, or check the box below for curbside pickup. If you choose curbside – add your vehicle description and licence plate number in the “special instructions” box.

10. Fill in your personal information, and select your payment option. Review your order, and confirm your registration.

11. You’ll receive a text message when your order is ready for pickup!



Go ahead – Start your online order now!




What are my options for picking up products?

Curbside Pickup – Simple and easy – NEVER LEAVE YOUR CAR! Order online from our menus and choose “curbside pickup” during checkout. Leave your vehicle description in the “special instructions” box and choose your pickup time. You will get a text message when your order is ready  – simply pull up and park in a reserved Curbside Pickup parking spot. An attendant will take care of you. 

IMPORTANT: This is not available at the BROADWAY location

Express Pickup – You can still shop with us using your debit card or cash and go inside to pay. Order online from our menus, do not select “curbside pickup” . Choose your pickup time. You will get a text message when your order is ready  – simply pull up and park in any non reserved customer parking. An attendant will take care of you. You will be asked to go inside the store to complete your transaction using your debit card. Please do NOT park in reserved Curbside Pickup parking. You can also call the store to order.


What are the hours of operation for pickup?

We start take orders between the hours of 8am-9:15pm


Do I have to get out of the car?

Nope! Just choose the “curbside pickup” option rather than “express pickup”.


How do I pay?

Curbside pickup is debit only. Express pickup is debit online or cash! 

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