Over the past several months, dispensaries have made many changes to accommodate the changing laws and keep people safe. Most are limiting the amount of patients or customers inside the store at a time, and have hand sanitizer stations positioned in each room. Even though the world is starting to reopen, it’s still common to see lines of customers outside the doors, and markings on the sidewalk where shoppers are directed to stand six feet apart. Amidst a global pandemic, cannabis is continuing to fly off the shelves. 


Though curfews and stay-at-home orders are still affecting a portion of the population, canna-tourism is still alive and well. Many shoppers from other states have expressed that remote work has given them the time and opportunity to travel. For many, shopping at a dispensary in Colorado has been on their bucket-list for years.


Cannabis has become more accessible to locals and tourists alike in a myriad of other ways. Online ordering and pickup has considerably lowered the amount of time it takes to shop, and dispensaries are keeping their online menus more up to date than ever before. Websites such as make it easy to find the specific medicated products you want, and add them to a digital shopping cart for pickup. 


On a very positive note: Not only has COVID-19 pointed out the need for online cannabis ordering and pickup in terms of this virus, it has also allowed many people with disabilities easier access to the products that improve their quality of life! 


Though it’s easier than ever to buy weed in Colorado, the social environment has temporarily shifted. COVID-19 continues to affect the population, spreading rapidly though carriers who may not even know they’re infected. One recent study reported that 104 of 128 people (81 percent) on a cruise ship who tested positive for the novel coronavirus were asymptomatic.

In another study, researchers reported that 42 percent of people who tested positive for COVID-19 were without symptoms. 


It’s important that we remember that even though life is starting to feel normal – we are still not in the position to assume the virus is over. If you’re continuing to shop during this time, please keep the following very important things in mind:


1. Tipping is highly encouraged

Budtenders are essential workers, who are risking their health to provide an important service to those relying on cannabis access. Most dispensary employees are in the industry to make a difference, provide resources and assist in the normalization of cannabis. They’re working at these shops because they love people, and love the plant. A few dollars in the tip jar make a huge difference, and show the budtenders that their hard work and dedication is appreciated. 

In addition, from June 8th to June 19th, 2020 Terrapin will be matching customer’s tips dollar for dollar, and donating the total amount to Community Food Share to fight hunger in our local community! 


2. We still need you to wear a mask

Budtender health and safety is a priority for Terrapin. We all have an important part to play in mitigating the spread of this virus. Our responsibility is to keep the store clean by wiping off surfaces, which we do at least once every hour, and to encourage physical distancing. Our staff wears masks and gloves, wash their hands constantly, and use sanitizer between interactions to protect customers. We ask that our customers do their best to protect each other and our staff as well.


3. Online ordering is key

Though you can still shop in store, shopping online minimizes the time spent in dispensaries, and therefore potential exposure. Our menu is available via our website, and each product bio contains helpful information about potency, ingredients and selling points. Calling your local store with questions is not only allowed, but encouraged! We want to make social distancing as painless as we possibly can, and are here to help.


We at Terrapin Care Station are so grateful for the people continuing to shop at our stores, and support our brands! Like you, we are looking forward to the end of this pandemic. We miss seeing our customers, but care most about their safety. We are committed to continuing to provide high quality products at low prices, and a safe space to purchase them. Together we can get through this time, and hope to see accessibility remain a priority within the cannabis industry moving forward. 

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