The year is 2020. City streets are empty, and people are staying home. Covid-19 has shifted the demand for products all over the world. Rather than maintaining an entertainment budget, Americans are prioritizing their basic needs – food, shelter, cleaning supplies and cannabis!

In a new food study released by Hunter, it was shown that 54% of people are cooking more, and 46% of people are baking more due to Covid-19 restrictions. For many, the convenience of takeout is simply not worth the risk of contamination.

As far as the weed industry goes – American cannabis consumers say that they are continuing to consume. The majority reason? 55.93% of surveyed responded “to calm myself down amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic.” 

In uncertain times such as these, relaxation can be hard to come across. Cannabis however, can be purchased online and picked up like fast food. 

To honor the search for comfort, we at Terrapin Care Station wanted to pay tribute to those staying at home and preventing the spread of the virus. We met up with Denver artist and home chef Evynne Duckman, who recommended we combine cannabis and cuisine to present an experience to calm the body, mind and soul – weed and food pairing! 

Evynne Duckman, and her sous chef Milo

These recipes were engineered by Evynne specifically for these three cannabis strains:

“I started cooking while I was living in Manhattan. With bills and rent so high, creating good food at home was important to me. I wanted to be able to eat what I enjoyed without unnecessary financial strain. I like to take inspiration from both recipes, and dishes I’ve lusted after when eating out, to create my own unique flavors and meals.” says Evynne, “Cannabis pairing is the new wine pairing. I chose these recipes based on the terpene composition in each strain to inspire both proficient and cooking-curious home chefs. Each pairing not only accompanies the act of cooking, but also complements the dining experience.”

We chose to showcase 3 strains by The Woods – Terrapin Care Station’s collection of flower with rare genetics. These strains are very potent, so make sure to start low and go slow to prevent overconsumption. 

To try your hand at our recipes, follow these links!

Sunset Sherbert with Sunset Salad

High Octane OG with High Octane Meat Sauce

Mandarin Cookies with Mandarin Muffin Cakes

We hope you enjoy creating, and consuming cannabis with these delectable treats as much as we did! Check out our other strains in The Woods collection here. To keep in touch with our cannachef, Evynne – follow her on instagram here!

If you want to share your own recipe to pair perfectly with our strains, send us a message and you could be showcased in the next Comfort Food & Cannabis article!

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