The time has come to celebrate an entire month of 4/20! However, due to Stay-at-home orders all over the country, in-person events have been canceled or rescheduled, and hanging with friends is unfortunately off the table. Still, there are a ton of ways to not only combat boredom, but to celebrate cannabis in all its forms this month! Pro Tip: Make sure to have some CBD on hand in case you need to mellow out, and as always when consuming cannabis – know your limits. Start low and go slow to make sure to keep the good vibes going! 
  1. Have a virtual smoke session with friends over Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime or Instagram
  2. Film your own cannabis cooking show using Sweet Grass Kitchen’s 100mg Cannabutter,  available for curbside or express pickup at Terrapin Care Station!  
  3. Create a 4/20 themed playlist, or find one on Spotify and get your groove on!
  4. Break out your markers or paints for cannabis coloring pages – or make your own!
  5. Create your own commemorative 4/20-All-Month T-shirt with wax paper, an iron, brown paper bag and fabric/acrylic paint
  6. Puff and paint with friends over video chat – whether you’re painting beautiful scenery or an ode to the Tiger King
  7. Try your hand at creative joint rolling
  8. Make your own weed leaf wall art and decorate your living space 
  9. Get high, and watch stoner-friendly comedies on Netflix! Some fun options include Step Brothers, Harold & Kumar go to White Castle, and The Hangover. 
  10. Or, take some time to learn more and watch some Netflix cannabis documentaries, such as The Legend of 420 & Grass is Greener
  11. Order your cannabis for curbside pickup, and try a different product every day!
  12. Bake some cannabis themed cupcakes to tide over the munchies in style
  13. Build your own gravity bong in 10 minutes with items around your house
  14. Find a friend with Battleship and play Battlehits over webcam! If your boat is sunk, it’s time to smoke. Stoner Fluxx and What Do You Meme? are other fun cannabis themed games you can play via-video
  15. Stay calm, and create space in your home for canna-yoga. We love the 1:1 CBD:THC Strawberry Margarita Gummies by Wana Brands & 10mg THC Lavender Lemonade Lick-it Suckers by Canyon Cultivation! 
  16. Decorate your lighters with this how-to from Leafly
  17. Enroll in a Coursera class and learn something new, such as Medical Cannabis: The Health Effects of THC and CBD Specialization from the University of Colorado Boulder. If you aren’t looking for course credit, you can take the class for free by selecting “Audit this Course”
  18. Get nice and stony and start a High-deas journal! This could be creative and crafty, or just a fun way to get high and spend time getting your thoughts and goals on paper
  19. Go on a health-kick and make pipes out of different fruits and vegetables. Watermelon bowl, anyone?
  20. Join a virtual celebration! 
Sign up for our newsletter here and stay tuned for information on how you could win $1000 Terrabucks, $500 Terrabucks, or $250 Terrabucks by showing us how you’ve been spending time with Terrapin at home! #TerrapinAtHome There are tons of virtual parties and events to join on 4/20! Rob The Art Museum will be hosting a virtual art show complete with DJs and live painters to celebrate the big day with style. If you’re looking to do something creative, Kiss Lady Entertainment is having a Virtual Sip & Paint party – but make sure to sign up early enough to allow at least 5 days for your painting materials to ship!

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