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State and local officials, along with business leaders, joined the Terrapin Pennsylvania leadership team to thank the national cannabis company for hiring veterans and women, and boosting a down Clinton County economy.

The recognition from community leaders highlights the positive impact legal marijuana is having in Pennsylvania, not only for patients suffering from conditions that can be treated with cannabis, but for the entire state’s economy.

Officials thanked Terrapin Pennsylvania at a ribbon cutting on July 18 at the company’s Henry Street facility in Pine Creek Township. Terrapin Pennsylvania officials returned the gratitude, saying none of the progress would have been possible without the support of the local community.

“This ribbon-cutting is an opportunity to thank the community and state and local leaders for wholeheartedly supporting Terrapin’s efforts to bring socially-responsible medical cannabis production to Clinton County,” said Terrapin Pennsylvania Chief Executive Chris Woods. “We have an unwavering commitment to provide medicine to patients all across Pennsylvania who need it, while also creating jobs and stimulating the economy. The people of Clinton County can take satisfaction that Terrapin medicine is made right here and distributed throughout the state.”

An industry leader, Terrapin Pennsylvania is proud to have a “grower/processor” permit for Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program. Terrapin Pennsylvania operates under the umbrella of Boulder, Colo.-based Terrapin Care Station.

Terrapin Pennsylvania employs 43 Pennsylvanians who grow, process, and package medical marijuana at its Clinton County facility. In February 2018, nearly 300 people attended a standing-room-only job fair held at the Lock Haven VFW Post. The overwhelming response to Terrapin’s local recruitment efforts resulted in the employment of a diverse local workforce with 30 percent veterans and more than 50 percent women.

“Chris Woods and his team at Terrapin Pennsylvania have delivered on their promise to bring good jobs to this part of Clinton County,” said state Rep. Mike Hanna, D-Lock Haven. “Their efforts have contributed to a recent surge in economic growth in the region and job opportunities related to the industry, all while providing medicine to patients in need.”

A prime example is VETFORCE, a new firm that provides Terrapin’s on-site security and employs a local workforce composed of 80 percent veterans. “Terrapin’s support for veterans extends beyond jobs to helping veterans struggling with PTSD and identifying solutions to the opioid crisis,” said Dave Harger, founder of VETFORCE. “Veterans – particularly those suffering from PTSD – are disproportionately impacted by opioid abuse. Terrapin is helping to take a bite out of the epidemic.”

States with medical cannabis laws saw 2.21 million fewer daily doses of opioids. Legal marijuana states saw a nearly 6 percent drop in opioid prescriptions. In Minnesota, 63 percent reported reduced or eliminated opioid usage after six months of being in the medical marijuana program.

“From the very beginning, this effort has been a collaboration between Terrapin, state and local elected officials, the business community and local law enforcement,” said Mike Flanagan, CEO of the Clinton County Economic Partnership. “Terrapin Pennsylvania has brought its stature as an industry leader to Clinton County along with demonstrating solid economic benefits, rigorous compliance, and a sincere commitment to serving the community, particularly veterans.”

Terrapin Pennsylvania began providing medical cannabis products to permitted dispensaries across Pennsylvania in April 2018. Terrapin’s medical cannabis products are expertly formulated with unique cannabinoid ratios to meet the demand of patients suffering from the most commonly-occurring conditions that qualify for the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program. Each product features a different cannabinoid ratio formula so that patients find the relief they need.

In addition to providing quality cannabis at an affordable price, Terrapin Pennsylvania has prioritized community engagement and corporate responsibility as part of its core mission. Whether it’s working with elected officials and policymakers, contributing to nonprofits, Chambers, community and civic groups, or establishing best practices for marketing and production, Terrapin has set itself apart.

“Medical cannabis has been proven to provide help for many suffering children and adults,” said state Sen. Joe Scarnati, R-Brockway. “Terrapin Pennsylvania is not only working to provide Pennsylvania patients with access to this natural plant that could greatly improve their quality of life, but is also helping to create economic growth within our region.”

About Terrapin Pennsylvania

Terrapin Pennsylvania, one of 12 recipients of a Pennsylvania medical cannabis grow/process license, is consistently held as an industry model. It operates under the umbrella of Boulder, Colo.-based Terrapin Care Station (TCS), which started as a medical cannabis provider in Colorado in 2009. TCS is a consumer-focused cultivator and provider of high-quality products. With about 250 employees, TCS is a full-service seed-to-sale marijuana business with five storefronts in Colorado, a retail cannabis license in Oregon, and a medical “grower/’processor” license in Pennsylvania. Follow TCS on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.