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Welcome to Terrapin Care Station!

Terrapin Care Station continues to monitor the outbreak–please check here or consult our home page for additional company-specific updates.

If you have a question or feedback that we didn’t address here, our Customer Care team is here for you! Always feel free to reach out to us at or by phone at 1-855-599-CARE (2273).

Check below for both COVID-19 and standard FAQs.

What are Terrapin's current COVID-19 policies?
Check out our Covid 19 page for details: Click Here
“Where am I allowed to use my product?” -- “Can I fly it home with me?”

When it comes to buying and consuming cannabis in our Great State, you may have a lot of questions. Fortunately, Colorado has Meg the Budtender to help!

Common Cannabis Questions!

Leafly is a great resource for all of your educational needs!

Check out their Cannabis 101 page for answers, information, and plenty of articles on some of the newest research in our industry.

Some of our favorite articles:

What are Cannabinoids?

What is CBD?

What is THC?

What is the difference between Sativa and Indica?

How is Cannabis consumed?

What are Cannabis terpenes?

Store Policies

Please keep in mind these store rules and policies to help us out by remaining complaint with state and local rules and regulations:

  1. We do not accept vertical IDs (a format used in many states to indicate a person under the age of 21).
  2. Well behaved pets and service animals are allowed in our stores.
  3. No backpacks in the budroom–you can leave them with our receptionist while you shop. Please refrain from personal cell phone use in the budroom.
  4. No personal phone use in the budroom–this is to protect your privacy, the privacy of other shoppers, and, of course, our team.
  5. No Cameras
  6. No Weapons
  7. No alcohol in the store
  8. No consumption on the premises. This includes eating a gummy or consuming any product on the way out.