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Keeping You Safe (and Sane)

Terrapin continues to be diligent The CDC has modified mask-wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people. Those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for at least two weeks no longer need to wear masks outdoors or in most indoor settings. This mask policy update will also extend to our customers and patients who visit retail locations, per CDC guidance.

What this means for Terrapin customers:

  • If you have been fully vaccinated, and have waited two weeks since your final dose, you are no longer required to wear a mask at Terrapin Care Stations.
  • If you do not meet the above criteria, we still welcome you but please continue to wear your mask until you meet the vaccination requirements.
  • These same guidelines apply to our staff. We do verify their vaccinations.
  • Please note that while masks are not required, employees and customers certainly may still choose to wear a face covering at work. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe at our stores, so if continued mask use provides security for you, we respect and appreciate your choice.

As we transition back to pre-pandemic life, we will still keep many retail safety measures in place. This includes leaving our plexiglass barriers between shoppers and budtenders for now and continuing to clean and disinfect all surfaces frequently.

If you have further questions or concerns relating to the updates described above, please contact us.