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The Chariot

When The Chariot appears facing upright in a tarot reading it talks a lot about impending forward momentum….so strap in and hold on tight, things are about to move fast. Because of that, you need to go with the flow and not fight this momentum. The Chariot is not an indicator of positive or negative but rather motion and accelerated development.

However, when The Chariot appears in reverse, it’s indicative of you pushing back on momentum or being opposed and reluctant to a change. In this case, the inverted Chariot card is saying ‘you can fight as much as you want to but this impending momentum will move forward and happen despite your reluctance’.


This is all about balance. Balance in how you view a situation and balance in how you choose to react. Think of it like when the universe hands you a really tough situation or a challenge: Temperance is telling you that it is your moment to either shine by remaining neutral, or face the imbalance as a result of choosing your emotions over all else.

This example can also be used to help define Temperance in reverse, you may not be seeing the entire situation blinded with imbalanced emotion or bias. Do not choose to have selective clarity, this can be detrimental to your own inner balance and ultimately peace. Neutrality gives you clarity, Temperance right facing, indicates you’re succeeding in maintaining this balance in perspective and openness.

The Empress

The Empress is a timelessly beautiful card. She evokes a very nurturing, feminine, and abundant energy. She is often depicted surrounded by lush crops and plants, showing that all the seeds she has planted are finally coming to fruition. When you see The Empress right side up that means you are embodying this energy and abundance. With a heavy reverence for nature and kindness, this is truly a beautiful card to appear in your reading.

When The Empress is drawn in reverse, you’re being called to truly refocus on your own needs and self-care. The Empress inverse is calling for you to be more kind to yourself and remember to nurture your inner child. What does your inner child need? In what ways can you better honor yourself? Answering these for yourself can help “turn it back right side up” in allowing you to find that loving, soothing energy The Empress provides.


This card can point to the justice within a particular situation or justice within yourself. Right side up, you are being judged on your actions. If you’ve been working on building your higher self with a strong moral compass as your guide, you’re heeding the task asked of the card of Justice. It may be difficult, but acting in accordance with your higher self is a worthwhile dedication. Honor your morals to find where you should step next.

Now when Justice appears in reverse, you may want to consider your recent actions and what led you to make them. Is there something the universe thinks you need to settle up for? Did you get away with something against your morals in secret? Justice in reverse is a call to address your errors head on to avoid the great imbalance brought on by internal guilt.

The Practitioner

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