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As a dabber, you always value efficiency, but sometimes portioning out your concentrate can easily get a bit wasteful. A Nectar Collector allows you to control the amount of product you use so you don’t waste a single drop. Whether electric or not, Nectar Collectors are small, easily disassembled vertical and portable dab rigs that are perfect for on-the-go convenience.

Instead of dropping a small dab of extract into your dab nail, use the tip of the Nectar Collector to apply heat to the concentrate gently. Our blog post, How to Use a Nectar Collector for Shatter, Wax, and Kief, goes into more detail about the basics and the differences between Electric and Original Nectar Collectors.

While some devices are dry, for this post, we will only discuss the Nectar Collectors with water chambers, how they operate and how to fill a Nectar Collector with water.

How To Fill a Nectar Collector With Water

Getting the right amount of water in a Nectar Collector is very important and is best achieved by practice. Add water slowly and carefully to avoid flooding your collector. The primary function of these devices is the diffusion of vapor while keeping harmful substances out. If you have too little water in your unit, the vapor won’t be diffused as quickly, and an overfilled unit can cause damage to your device.

When you fill the Nectar Collector with water, start at the top and fill up the inside diffuser about halfway for optimal percolation. To avoid shattering your Nectar Collector, ensure there is no water in the lower joint before using it. Water trapped in the tip can crack the tip or joint, and vaporized water can shatter your device’s lower body, which can lead to serious injury. You can remove the tip and forcefully blow air down through the mouthpiece to remove trapped water.

Now You’re All Set to Use your Nectar Collector!

Using a water-cooled Nectar Collector can feel a little intimidating at first, but filling a Nectar Collector with water is simple if you follow the steps above!

Check out our other resource, What is a Micro Connector?, to ensure you’ve got everything you need. Have questions? We’re happy to help! Use our store finder to locate a TCS location near you. Happy dabbing!