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Who doesn’t love to get stoned and watch movies? That’s why they make stoner movies! It’s the classic pastime, especially now that temperatures are cooling off and people are slowing down to prepare for the holidays. These aren’t the classic stoner movies. Don’t get me wrong, we keep Grandma’s Boy and Half baked on the heavy rotation. But these are the best times to switch up our routine and get back to some of our favorite films. These movies feel like the holidays without going full Hallmark Channel.

Here are our favorite stoner movies to watch during the holidays. 

National Lampoon’s Animal House

You’re probably well aware of this classic 1978 comedy about a trouble-making fraternity at Faber College. Unruly fraternity members challenge the dean’s authority, and hilarity ensues. The film, loved for its vulgarity, reached number 1 on “100 Funniest Movies” and 279 of “the 500 Greatest movies of all time.” Every single actor’s performance was out-of-this-world funny. Stoners love this one for the endless raunchy cracks and blue humor. Keep out of reach from children, but Animal House is a good throwback for sparking up memories with old friends when you’re home for the holidays. 

Try an old classic with an old classic. Double Bear’s Grandaddy Purp is an excellent pairing with Animal house. 1G Honey Carts are made with pure distillate and naturally sourced botanical terpenes. Granddaddy Purp has a sweet, floral, and earthy flavor to pair with relaxation, pain relief, and an overall sense of euphoria that is great for evening use.  Shop Double Bear THC vape pens

Die Hard

If you’d prefer a flick that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Die Hard is the holiday thriller that still gets our blood pumping. Even after the 50th time, we still cheer “Yippee-ki-yay” at all the right parts. This movie is an old favorite for long winter nights with a touch of the holiday feel but leaving behind the warm and fuzzies. Die Hard has everything you need for a holiday smoke sesh: There’s a New York Cop out of his element, an office party, terrorists, and cowboy vernacular. 

Try this soft thriller with an intense Sativa shatter. User-friendly and highly potent, our Mystic Shatter is made from 100% concentrated cannabis extracted from the cured flower. Grapefruit Durban is a Sativa-dominant cross of Durban Poison and Grapefruit. These beautiful, dense buds are jam-packed with sharp citrus and pine flavors. With a powerful cerebral buzz, this strain is perfect for any time of the day!

Harry Potter

The visuals get us every time on this one! When we think about a fantastical movie that’s enhanced by cannabis, Harry Potter is hands down the best. The first movie in this supernatural adventure is by far the best. The transition from muggle life to wizard life feels all the more magical with help from puff the magic dragon. Let this movie cast its spell on you this holiday season. We suspect it will be on different channels fairly often, starting in December. 

Experience the wizarding world in a hashy haze. Terrapin Prerolls are made from Terrapin-grown flowers. Hash Haze is an indica-dominant cross of Cannalope Haze and Hash Plant. This strain has a delightful and delicate sweet citrus flavor from start to finish. The relaxing effects are just like a warm, cuddly blanket that is perfect for an evening in!

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