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Introducing Terra Points by Terrapin Care Station!


We are thrilled to announce our new loyalty program launching this April. You will earn points for every qualifying visit* to any of our Colorado locations. No worries on your current 420 Club points, you have plenty of time to use them. They will be honored until July 4, 2019.

What’s great about Terra Points:

  • Terra Points will allow you to earn more rewards faster, including earning points and a one time Registration Reward** when you sign up for the Terra Points program.
  • Terra Points will be awarded and can be redeemed across all Terrapin Care Station dispensary locations in Colorado.
  • You can access your Terra Points account to see how quickly your are accruing points.
  • There are more options for rewards when redeeming points- you can chose a reward that works best for you!

Terra Points Loyalty Program FAQs

Q: How do I collect points?

A: You will be awarded points for each qualifying visit, including the
first visit and when you register for the program

Q: How many points do I receive per qualifying visit?

A: You will receive 20 points for each qualifying visit*

Q: What is going to happen with the current 420 loyalty program?

A: the former 420 Club program will honored until July 3, 2019 and
then at that point it will become null and void

Q: Why is Terrapin Care Station changing their loyalty program?

A: This program will allow our guests to earn points and rewards
faster than before. This program will also allow our guests to access
their accounts to track their points in real time.

Q: What are the rewards for the points I earn?

Registration Reward** – $2 cone. Redeem the 10 bonus points you get for signing up (this is a one time reward redeemable on or after 4/22/2019)

Redemption of 100 points – $2 cone
Redemption of 200 points – 10% off
Redemption of 300 points – $20 pack of Top Shelf Terrapins
Redemption of 400 points – $69 ounce (1/2 ounce bags) OR $89 mix/match ounce
Redemption of 1000 points – 20% off

Redemption of 100 points – 5% off
Redemption of 200 points – 10% off
Redemption of 300 points – 15% off
Redemption of 400 points – 20% off

Q: Can I combine my Terra Points with my friend’s points to redeem
bigger rewards?

A: Unfortunately not. The points you earn must be redeemed by you
and you only.

Q: Can I combine my Terra Points with my 420 Club rewards?

A: You are only able to redeem your Terra Points OR your 420 Club
rewards per that visit. You cannot combine and redeem them during
the same visit

Q: Can I redeem multiple Terra Points Rewards on the same visit?

A: No, you are only able to redeem one (1) Terra Points reward per visit.


* Qualifying visit requires the making of a minumun $20 purchase.
** Registration Reward ($2 cone) is a one time gift that may only be redeemed using the 10 bonus points awarded for signing up. This reward can be redeemed on or after April 22, 2019.

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