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Primal Punch Strain

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Primal Punch is a hybrid cross of GG #4 and Banana Punch. These powerful frosty buds pack a loud fruity and earthy punch from the parent genetics. This is a wonderful strain for mental stimulation and motivation, with a dash of relaxation!


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GG #4 x Banana Punch



Packing a powerful punch, this indica-leaning hybrid strain combines the popular GG#4 and Banana Punch strains to create Primal Punch. Only available to our Pennsylvania patients, this sticky, trichome-covered flower is sure to drive you bananas. Here’s why:

Primal Punch Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile

Primal Punch is a beautiful hybrid strain with a THC range of 19% to 25%. The pungent, unusually dense buds are packed with a variety of terpenes, including limonene, beta-caryophyllene, alpha-humulene, beta-myrcene and alpha-pinene.

Taste And Smell 

When it comes to this delicious flower, the smell is sweet with a hint of banana and diesel. How does the Primal Punch strain taste, you ask? The taste is a flavorful mix of earthy, citrus and sweet flavors. Some people even call Primal Punch the “Juicy Fruit” of cannabis.


Want to get away? Users report that this flower will take you on a tropical vacation, delivering a strong cerebral high and a numb body feeling that is great for uplifting moods, motivating the mind and kicking off a period of creativity.

How To Spot the Primal Punch Strain

These large dense buds are sticky, covered in fuzzy, rich forest green trichomes and deep orange hairs. The contrasting dark green and brownish orange hues ensure this strain is always an eye-catcher. 

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This information is based on testing averages. Individual results (terpenes, flavors, effects, etc.) can vary from batch to batch and state to state. Check with your local dispensary for more information.