A Store Manager is responsible for interfacing with the ownership, upper management, administration, floor staff, law enforcement, and vendors to coordinate and facilitate the efficiency, productivity and compliance surrounding all transactions of the business. Store managers play a key role in making sure that patrons of the business receive the best service Terrapin Care Station can provide by attending to issues surrounding sales or other business related interactions. The Manager is the glue that keeps the store working as a cohesive unit by coordinating and delegating the responsibilities of the staff in a way that ensures the most positive, efficient, productive, accessible and compliant operation of the business.


The Store Manager is a team leader that has many responsibilities including, but not limited to:

  1. Staff Supervision
  • Must Hold a Current and Valid Key Occupational License issued by the MED, and pass local background checks where applicable
  • Assist and train staff to efficiently handle sales and provide superior customer service
  • Effectively delegate the responsibilities and actions of the floor staff
  • Monitor the interpersonal relationships of the staff and optimize productivity through synergy
  • Conduct regular budtender and supervisor performance reviews to maximize efficiency, productivity, dependability and cultivate team work
  • Issue write ups or take disciplinary actions for negligence and praise positive performance
  • Lead by example, cultivating a productive, positive and safe work environment
  • Organize schedules to accommodate trending high and low volume business times
  • Must have a working Knowledge of every position and department in the store in order to provide training, support and make important decisions surrounding efficient daily operations
  • Empower your team to take ownership and pride in their work and position within the company
  • Oversee all staff performance, monitor and suggest procedures and protocols in order to maximize the efficient operation of the business
  • Oversee hiring and onboarding of new employees with the supervision of the General Manager
  • Be calm and understanding to all and offer constructive criticisms to maximize efficient operations and correct performance, where applicable
  1. Communication
  • Communicate with ownership and administrative staff concerning issues of quality or risk
  • Communicate changes in policies and procedures to staff
  • Communicate sales and specials and introduce new products to staff
  • Communicate directly with vendors, garden staff, law enforcement, and compliance officers
  • Communicate with staff to make sure they have the tools and information necessary to complete sales efficiently and effectively
  • Communicate and work directly with patrons of the business to ensure quality of service and dissolve issues that may arise concerning product, sales transactions or otherwise
  • Communicate with HR department regarding payroll and disciplinary documentation
  • Communicate with Assistant Store Manager regularly to keep congruency throughout the management team
  1. Quality Assurance and Control
  • Process and monitor inventory and make sure products are properly received and labeled
  • Regularly check expiration dates and packaging for integrity, content and quality
  • Develop strategies surrounding product movement and placement
  • Work with purchasing agent to monitor sales trends and plan accordingly to reach sales goals
  • Conduct product and compliance research and attend training programs and meetings to stay up to date on important changes in regulatory oversight and product development
  • Oversee actions and procedures to be sure that business is being conducted within the confines of compliance
  • Be knowledgeable of the internal workings of the METRC system and oversee the transferring, tracking and safe sale of all THC and THC infused products in the store
  • Brainstorm marketing idea deals with your staff to help increase sales trends
  • Positively reinforce new ideas to staff in order to keep on ahead of changes in the regulatory environment or to advocate and manage the visions and goals of the executive team
  1. Administrative Skills
  • Must be able to navigate a windows operating system
  • Must be able to manipulate and utilize basic Microsoft Office Programs
  • Must be able to navigate and manipulate web-based applications and menus
  • Must have experience handling, processing and counting cash for daily deposits
  • Must be able to navigate and utilize the inner-workings of the POS system


As the Store Manager, you will be the face that represents Terrapin Care Station. The Store Manager needs to be a strong leader, have excellent interpersonal communication skills, be able to remain calm, and maintain a positive attitude in any situation. You must know the laws and procedures governing the actions of the business, as you may be expected to communicate with law enforcement or compliance officers over related issues, concerns or inquiries. You must be aware of emergency protocols and operating procedures should an event occur. You must be able to think on your feet and be a creative problem solver who is able to keep business operations running safely and efficiently no matter what the circumstances. Your work ethic should be of a superior quality as your actions and demeanor will set an example for the rest of your staff. At the end of the day, as the store manager, you will accomplish many goals and complete many tasks that will facilitate the coordination of the owner, production teams, staff, vendors, law enforcement, and administration to ensure that Terrapin Care Station operates as one the most compliant, accessible, and professional store fronts in the nation.

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