Shipping Supervisor

Shipping Supervisor oversees the lockup and helps to prepare products, which will sell in stores and help represent the mission and goals of Terrapin Pennsylvania through attention to detail and care for quality products. They are responsible for checking all flower products with speed, quality and accuracy while adhering to Terrapin Pennsylvania’s standards for packaging. The Shipping Supervisor is an important part of the seed-to-sale chain of production and act as the bridge from garden to store, ensuring delivery of the best customer experience Terrapin Pennsylvania can provide.

There is a long list of tasks you may be asked to perform on the job, but a qualified candidate will possess these skills:

  • Double Checks: All products that have been processed will be brought to the safe for inspection to ensure quality and compliance before entry into MJ Freeway and transfer to stores for sale.
  • Transfers: Pulling the products manifested for retail locations daily, ensuring the proper packages are delivered to their designated destination. Assisting the delivery driver while loading the transfer vehicle to ensure the packages pulled match packages on the manifest.
  • Tagging Product: Logging and creating packages in the proper spreadsheets and MJ Freeway as needed for the grow facility.
  • Key Holder: Responsible for locking and unlocking the cages for storing product.
  • Maintain Inventory: Should be able maintain accurate counts of prepared product, as well as back-stock and inventory to be moved to retail locations. Must assist Inventory Manager in maintaining inventory of packaging supplies and equipment.
  • Proper Recordkeeping: All products created in MJ Freeway and Leaf Link for the grow facility must be logged in the designated spreadsheet and web based programs.
  • MJ Freeway Literacy: Should be capable of creating packages in MJ Freeway as well as locating any necessary information.
  • Computer Literacy: Should be able to use a windows operating system including Microsoft Office, the POS system, and inventory software. Should have a knowledge of web-based menus and applications.
  • Cannabis Knowledge: Should possess a willingness to learn strain genetics and morphology, as well as signs of disease or other quality issues pertaining to the products.
  • Compliance Knowledge: Must be aware of all laws surrounding compliance.
  • The Shipping Supervisor is one of the most important roles in the operation of the business because they are the final step in production of our product before it becomes available for sale. All supervisors should care about accuracy and should maintain patience, positivity, and productivity to the best of their ability with the idea that their actions and goals lead to the most efficient operation.

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