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As we approach the end of 2020 there is so much to be proud of and reflect on. From a major expansion project, to new strain developments and packaging refreshments, we are thrilled to further the progression at our Pennsylvania facility. Since our first year here, we have made incredible strides to improve our brand overall, from applying feedback regarding our cultivation process, to introducing new options from our extraction lab. Terrapin is looking forward to next year in the most optimistic lens possible: Better serving you, our patients and partners.

This summer, we began rolling out the details of an expansion plan for our Pennsylvania facility, that we can finally now say has come to fruition! Thanks to all the passionate and talented individuals who participated in our recent hiring event, Terrapin is on schedule to bring almost double the amount of product to PA patients in 2021….yes, you read that right, double! Overall, this expansion has allowed us to increase our production bandwidth by 40%, in turn allowing us to better address common issues with availability, and increase access to our concentrate products. As we enter the new year, we are more than excited to roll out not only refreshed packaging and brand awareness, but new, innovative products that align with patient needs and feedback.

In the spirit of always striving for better, more unique offerings, our in-house Terrapin breeding program deserves its own spotlight. Introducing….Terrapin Born. A unique, innovative breeding program, designed to create strains that are exclusive not only to Terrapin, but for our Pennsylvania patients. Some patients and dispensary partners have already seen the first creation from this breeding project: Carrie’s Cookies. While Carrie’ Cookies is a memorable, first addition to our #TerrapinBorn strain gallery, we are excited to roll out even more Terrapin exclusive strains, come 2021.

It’s been a year of learning, growth and sculpting better expectations. With new exclusive releases and striving for consistent excellency, we are very much looking forward to better serving our Pennsylvania patients and dispensary partners in the coming year. But for now, we hope for nothing more than a safe, wonderful holiday season for you all, from our Terrapin team to yours! Although this year might be and feel a little different, that doesn’t change how meaningful we can make it together. Happy Holidays everyone!