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We are pleased to offer a varied selection of remedies to our patients in Pennsylvania.
Visit one of our partner medical dispensaries to find the following products.


We are now proud to offer a wide range of strains to medical patients in Pennsylvania.

Terrapin Pennsylvania employs best practices learned from many years of successful marijuana cultivation in our Colorado grow facilities.


For our PA grow, our experienced cultivators hand-select some of our top strains from Colorado, including Terrapin-exclusive genetics that have been bred in-house, as well as introduced some new strains to the menu. We curate our harvests to make sure we can offer a variety of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and potent High-CBD strains at industry-leading affordable prices.

Our “dry leaf” product comes in virgin, sustainably-sourced, pharmaceutical-grade bio-resin packaging. Terrapin Whole Flower comes in 1 gram and 3.5 gram pre-packaged containers. We are doing our own breeding at our facility so always be on the lookout for new varieties.

Current Selection:

Dark Blue Dream
Dark Knight & Blue Dream
β-Myrcene/ α-Pinene/ β-Caryophyllene/ β-Pinene/ α-Humulene
Durban Poison
Dark Knight & Blue Dream
Terpinolene/ β-Myrcene/ Ocimene/ β-Pinene/ δ-Limonene
Grapefruit Durban
Grapefruit & Durban Poison
δ-Limonene/ β-Myrcene/ β-Caryophyllene/ Nerolidol/ α-Humulene
Lemon Sweet Skunk
Dark Knight & Blue Dream
β-Myrcene/ Terpinolene/ α-Pinene/ β-Pinene/ β-Caryophyllene
Moonshine Haze
Nevil’s Wreck & Amnesia Haze
Terpinolene/ β-Myrcene/ Ocimene/ β-Caryophyllene/ β-Pinene
Sour Tangie
East Coast Sour Diesel & Tangie
β-Myrcene/ δ-Limonene/ β-Caryophyllene/ Linalool/ α-Humulene
White Poison
The White & Durban Poison
Terpinolene/ β-Myrcene/ Ocimene/ δ-Limonene/ β-Pinene
White Slipper
The White & Glass Slipper
Terpinolene/ δ-Limonene/ β-Pinene/ Nerolidol/ β-Myrcene
Cherry Diesel
Cherry OG & Turbo Diesel
Terpinolene/ β-Myrcene/ β-Caryophyllene/ Ocimene/ Nerolidol
Elphaba’s Bliss
Chucky Diesel & White Slipper
Nerolidol/ β-Caryophyllene/ β-Myrcene/ α-Humulene/ δ-Limonene
Hell’s OG
Top OG Kush & Blackberry
β-Myrcene/ β-Caryophyllene/ Nerolidol/ α-Humulene/ δ-Limonene
Ice Cream Cake
Top Cheese Cake & Dream Cookie
Long’s Peak Blue
Old Blue & Rare Darkness #1
Nerolidol/ β-Caryophyllene/ β-Myrcene/ δ-Limonene/ α-Humulene
Rando Calrission
Princess Leia & Hash Haze
β-Myrcene/ α-Pinene/ Nerolidol/ β-Pinene/ δ-Limonene
Sour Alien OG
Top Alien Kush X Sour Diesel
β-Myrcene/ δ-Limonene/ β-Caryophyllene/ Nerolidol/ α-Humulene
Star Killer
Skywalker OG & Rare Dankness #2
δ-Limonene/ β-Myrcene/ β-Caryophyllene/ Nerolidol/ Linalool
Ugly Stepsister
Top Glass Slipper & Chunky Diesel
β-Myrcene/ β-Caryophyllene/ Nerolidol/ α-Humulene/ δ-Limonene
Devil’s Lemons
Hell’s OG & Lemon Sweet Skunk
Top AKA & GG #4
β-Caryophyllene/ β-Myrcene / Nerolidol/ δ-Limonene/ α-Humulene
Hash Haze
Harle Tsu & Cherry
β-Myrcene/ Terpinolene/ β-Caryophyllene/ α-Pinene/ β-Pinene
Lemon G
CBD G-13 x Northern Lights
Terpinolene/ β-Myrcene/ α-Pinene/ β-Pinene/ Ocimene
Sabotage OG
Top GG & White Slipper
β-Myrcene/ β-Caryophyllene/ δ-Limonene/ Nerolidol/ α-Humulene
Space Monkey
Gorilla Glue & Wookie
α-Pinene/ β-Pinene/ δ-Limonene/ β-Caryophyllene/ β-Myrcene
The Wife
High CBD: Unknown
β-Myrcene/ β-Caryophyllene/ α-Pinene/ β-Pinene/ δ-Limonene

Citrus, Juniper, Mint


Elevated Mood, Stress Relief

Medicinal Uses:

Depression, Anxiety, Anti-fungal, Gastric Reflux


Dark Blue Dream, Grapefruit Durban, Lemon Sweet Skunk, Moonshine Haze, Sour Tangie, Cherry Diesel, Elphaba’s Bliss, Hell’s OG, Long’s Peak Blue, Sour Alien OG, Star Killer, Ugly Stepsister, Space Monkey, The Wife


Hops, Coriander


Appetite Suppressant

Medicinal Uses:

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Pain


Dark Blue Dream, Grapefruit Durban, Sour Tangie, Elphaba’s Bliss, Hell’s OG, Long’s Peak Blue, Sour Alien OG, Ugly Stepsister, GG, Sabotage OG


Citrus, Juniper, Mint


Elevated Mood, Stress Relief

Medicinal Uses:

Depression, Anxiety, Anti-fungal, Gastric Reflux


Durban Poison, Sour Tangie, White Poison, White Slipper, Elphaba’s Bliss, Hell’s OG, Long’s Peak Blue, Rando Calrission, Sour Alien OG, Star Killer, Ugly Stepsister, Devil’s Lemons, Sabotage OG, Space Monkey, The Wife


Lavender, Citrus, Laurel


Sedating, Calming

Medicinal Uses:

Insomnia, Stress, Depression, Pain


Sour Tangie, Star Killer


Musk, Cloves, Herbal


Relaxing, Sedating

Medicinal Uses:

Antiseptic, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-inflammatory




Woody, Earthy, Spicy


Appetite Suppression

Medicinal Uses:

Anti-inflammatory, Pharmacokinetic


Grapefruit Durban, White Slipper, Cherry Diesel, Elphaba’s Bliss, Hell’s OG, Long’s Peak Blue, Rando Calrission, Sour Alien OG, Star Killer, Ugly Stepsister, GG, Sabotage OG


Earthy, Sweet


Energetic, Uplifting

Medicinal Uses:

Anti-inflammatory, Decongestant, Stress


Durban Poison, Moonshine Haze, White Poison, Cherry Diesel, Lemon G


Pinene, Sage, Conifer


Memory Retention, Alertness

Medicinal Uses:

Anti-inflammatory, Asthma Relief


Dark Blue Dream, Durban Poison, Lemon Sweet Skunk, Moonshine Haze, White Poison, White Slipper, Space Monkey, The Wife


Piney, Floral, Herbs


Sleepy, Sedating

Medicinal Uses:

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-carcinogen


Durban Poison, Lemon Sweet Skunk, Moonshine Haze, White Poison, White Slipper, Cherry Diesel, Hash Haze, Lemon G


Our distillate extract products are based around specific CBD/THC ratios in our innovative “iLine.”

Our tincture is a great and precise way to administer your medical marijuana, especially for those that don’t want to inhale anything.

Each iLine has a different ratio of THC and CBD, from THC-only in our iCan line, to 10:1 CBD:THC in our iREM 10:1 line. Each iLine comes in convenient tincture and capsule form.

The cannabinoids in the tincture are “activated” meaning you can simply use our precision dropper to add your desired amount to a favorite beverage or directly in your mouth. We use vegan, gluten-free MCT Oil to make this product. Our tinctures come in 30ml bottles with a 1ml dropper for convenient dosing.

Our capsules are a great smokeless, tasteless way to dose with precision. With a variety of different cannabinoid profiles to choose from we are confident patients will find the proper dosage for the desired relief. Mixed with MCT oil, they are vegan and gluten free. Most of our capsules come in 20ct units.


Simply put our suite of Vaporizer Cartridge products are the best you will find in the marketplace..

Using our distillate as a base, we add back 100% cannabis derived terpenes to create diverse strain flavor profiles patients are seeking. We use Jupiter brand cartridges, which utilize CCELL technology to ensure a great user experience.


The Dart is the first ever pod system made with the revolutionary ceramic heating element from CCELL. It puts out bigger clouds & more consistent flavors with increased potency than your typical 510 threaded battery that most disposable cartridge companies use.The Dart is inhale-activated, with an LED indicator. It’s rechargeable with a sleek design and comfort grip that put it ahead of everyone else in the cartridge game. With dimensions of just 73 x 29 x 13mm, it’s compact but effective, using one of the highest quality circuit boards to achieve maximum pulls from each hit.

We offer two types of TerraPods:

TerraPod 500mg Standard (CCELL Dart)
Our high quality distillate combined with cannabis derived terpenes.

TerraPod 500mg Crystal Double (CCELL Dart)
This exciting product features our high quality distillate but incorporates a whole new terpene experience. We use a revolutionary new method to extract water clear, Ultra High Purity (UHP) terpenes without using any solvent. We then incorporate these UHP terpenes into our distillate at TWICE the ratio of our normal cartridges. This method allows us to produce some of the purest, and most distinct flavor profiles available in the medical marijuana marketplace


TerraPenn 500mg (CCELL 510 Thread)
Our standard 510 Thread “TerraPenn” Vaporizer Cartridges

TerraPenn Express 250mg (CCELL Disposable)
For those that are on the go the TerraPenn Express is the perfect all-in-one vape experience. With only 250mg and a convenient all-in-one battery/cartridge combo this product is great for people that want to try our vaporizer products or if you don’t want to worry about having the right battery!

A unique pain solution we developed just for you.

Created using a traditional ethanol extraction this product is perfect for the patient looking for a whole plant experience. Using minimal extraction we hope our “Terrapin Tears RSO” provides you the relief you are looking for.

“I suffer from occasional neck problems due to working at a computer all day. Terrapin RSO really helps take the edge off of my pain.” – S.Z.

All of our concentrates are extracted from Terrapin Pennsylvania’s PA-grown medical marijuana to ensure the utmost quality.

Double Bear Premium Concentrates are created via a closed loop system, using a hydrocarbon extraction to provide high cannabinoid concentrations for fast effective delivery.

At Double Bear we are constantly refining our extraction processes and equipment to deliver premium quality concentrate products. Double Bear Premium Concentrates are available in 1 gram units at dispensaries throughout Pennsylvania.

Double Bear Premium Concentrates are available in 3 different consistencies to appeal to a wide range of personal preferences:


Following extraction the substrate is poured into a thin, flat layer, and then placed into a vacuum oven for at least 2 days to purge all solvents.


Following extraction the substrate is whipped by hand, creating a beautiful, high quality wax product.


Following extraction we allow the substrate to crystallize, creating a viscous matrix of THCa and terpenes in a sugar-like texture.

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