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Fresh from the grow, we’re excited to introduce Garlicane Strain to our repertoire. Be on the lookout for the next genetic drop near you! Until then, here’s the inside scoop on this brand new strain.  

Garlicane Strain Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile

Garlicane is a hybrid cross of GMO Cookies and Slurricane. The dominant terpene compounds are limonene, caryophyllene, pinene and humulene. THC concentration ranges from 16% to 19%, with CBD levels ranging between 0.64% and 0.79%. 

How does Garlicane Taste?

We love the warm sweet and spiced sensation garlic bestows. Whether it be on pizza, breadsticks or in this case– weed– garlic offers a savory reprieve amongst peppermint vanilla notes. Garlicane is a tongue-tingling strain that any savory strain lover will relish. 

Does Garlicane Strain Smell?

If Garlicane had a scent, it would be vanilla frankincense. This strain’s allium notes mingled with menthol tones will open your sinuses and calm your nerves. 

How does Garlicane Feel?

Expect an initial heady high that slowly sinks into your body. This dense bud is perfect for when you want to take a deep nap or doze in the sun. 

How To Spot Garlicane Flower

Garlicane is characterized by its dense buds cocooned with orange strands. You’ll find this flower frosted in fuzzy trichomes intermittently poking through swaths of orange. 

If you like Garlicane flower, you’ll probably like GG.

GG is a hybrid cross of Sour Dubb and Chem Sister mixed with Chocolate Diesel. Like Garlicane, GG is thickly coated in icy trichomes and offers relaxing relief.