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We’re starry-eyed for an amazing strain this month. Here’s all the Moonshine Haze strain info you need :

Moonshine Haze Strain’s Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile

Moonshine Haze is one of our most popular strains and for good reason. This infamous sativa-dominant flower crosses Nevil’s Wreck and Amnesia Haze. This strain is saturated in the Terpinolene terpene. 

Moonshine Haze’s Taste And Smell 

These buds deliver robust tangy, citrusy and piney flavors. Think tangy orange peels crossed with a Christmas tree. This unique flavor profile will tickle your senses and taste buds. 

How does Moonshine Haze Feel? 

We reach for this strain when we want to feel energized without being anxious. Moonshine Haze is a fast-acting sativa that is said to alleviate chronic pain and motivate you to finally spring-clean your place. 

How To Spot Moonshine Haze Flower

This is a fluffy, frosty flower saturated with fuzzy orange hairs and medium-sized green buds. 

If you like Moonshine Haze

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