It All Started…

Now at over 100 members, the Terrapin Staff family now serves the Communities of Aurora, Boulder and Denver Colorado and Eugene Oregon providing medical patients and recreational consumers with the finest Quality Cannabis, expert product knowledge with a wide selection and affordable pricing since 2009. An industry leader, TCS was the largest single Cannabis industry contributor to the Amendment 64 campaign in Colorado as well as supporting Proposition 91 in Oregon. We are dedicated to expanding patient and consumer rights and work with the our elected officials in Colorado and Oregon to ensure access to life enhancing cannabis.

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Our Timeline

September 21

Offering free public (age 21+) tours of retail cultivation facility

June 1

First licensed retail cultivation facility to offer free tours to the public over age 21

March 21

First licensed retail cultivation facility in the City of Aurora

January 21

Business revenue has increased over 1300% during company’s lifetime

October 1

First licensed retail marijuana dispensary in the City of Aurora

August 1

Received two of the 24 retail marijuana store licenses in the City of Aurora

February 21

First retail marijuana dispensary to open in the City of Boulder

March 21

Largest individual donor to Amendment 64 within the cannabis industry.

January 21

Founding member of NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association)

October 4

One of the first licensed medical marijuana centers in the State of Colorado